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Quack scientists now claim global warming, not processed food, causes diabetes

Forget about poor diet and lack of exercise being the main culprits in the growing diabetes epidemic. If you believe what researchers from the Einthoven Laboratory in the Netherlands now claim, global warming, a.k.a. Big Government’s favorite scapegoat for everything wrong in the world, may be at least partly to blame for the millions of people who suffer from impaired insulin production.

Published in the journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, a paper by these researchers identifies an association between temperature surges and increased diagnoses of type-2 diabetes, the kind most commonly associated with eating too much sugar and not enough beneficial nutrients. Because of this coincidence, they have somehow theorized that increased warmth might be a cause of this common disease that afflicts some 29 million people living in the United States.

It might sound like some kind of joke, but this conclusion was actually published in a scientific journal that claims to uphold the highest research standards. Several major news outlets are already touting the study as “evidence” that diabetes is a consequence of man-made climate change, which presumably means that politicians need to impose more taxes on the people to send over to the United Nations.

In a phone interview with The Huffington Post, lead study author Lisanne Blauw apparently stated, without laughing, that when the weather gets warmer, more people are diagnosed with diabetes. Based on this supposed observation, she added, it is vital that the public recognizes that “global warming has further effects on our health, not only on the climate.”

Common core-type ‘science’ ignores basic facts about how the body self-regulates temperature

This latest study piggy-backs on an earlier one published in 2015 by a separate team of researchers, also from the Netherlands, which found that insulin production increases in lower temperatures, and decreases in higher temperatures. Based on this, the jump was made to global warming’s alleged contributions to the diabetes problem, completely ignoring the natural variances in temperature that occur between geographical areas depending on the season and their proximity to the equator.

Neither research team was able to pinpoint precisely why diabetes seems to increase in warmer climates — probably because this observation is entirely coincidental, proving nothing about the supposed link between temperature and diabetes. And yet, the mainstream media is parading it around as proof that humans need to curb their living habits to prevent the ever-dreaded global climate warming phenomenon from escalating.

Whenever a research study makes a legitimate correlation between, say, mercury in vaccines and autism, the world is told that correlation does not equal causation, and that the study’s findings are invalid. But then along comes a ridiculous pair of studies such as the two being used to suggest that global warming causes diabetes, and suddenly this baseless connection between two unrelated things is gospel scientific proof that climate change is causing people to become chronically ill.

While it may be feasible for temperature changes to affect cellular activity inside the body, the one thing the alleged scientists pushing such a claim are ignoring is the fact that the human body self-regulates its internal temperature to remain a comfortable 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, adjusting up or down as necessary based on external conditions. Being in a warmer climate, in other words, is irrelevant because the body normalizes its own internal temperature regardless.

You don’t have to be a scientific expert to realize all this, either — every elementary school student learns these basic biological facts at a very young age. But it appears these “scientists” from the Netherlands missed this class in school, and are now perpetuating common core-type junk “science” to continue pushing the crumbling global warming hoax.


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