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WARNING SIGNS: Code words in latest executive order indicate Trump may be getting sucked into the GMO / pesticide swamp

In the realm of swampy corruption and murky politics, it doesn’t get any murkier or “swampier” than the GMO / pesticide industry, which profits from the mass poisoning of the environment and the food supply with toxic, disease-promoting chemicals.

While this “poison industry” enjoyed enormous government protection under both Bush and Obama administrations, clean food advocates and environmentalists all hoped that the next President might finally enforce scientific rationality by strictly regulating GMOs and pesticide chemicals in the interests of public safety (and environmental protection).

Hillary Clinton was a known Monsanto ally and advocate — dubbed the “Bride of Frankenfood” — but Donald Trump did not sent any clear signals about his position on GMOs and pesticides during his presidential campaign. Although he clearly supports organic food, as evidenced by the organic offerings at his many resort properties, voters were left to wonder what his position might be on genetically engineered crops and the synthetic chemical weed killers (such as glyphosate) and pesticides that go hand-in-hand with GMO agriculture.

But a White House Executive Order, released just one week ago, appears to contain “code words” that indicate the Trump administration may be getting sucked into the GMO / pesticide swamp where environmental protections might be swept away, subjecting the U.S. food supply to widespread saturation with devastating chemical poisons.

Code words for GMO agriculture and pesticide poisons

The President’s Executive Order, found at this White House link, is entitled, “Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America.”

Like every EO or proposed law, the title sounds irrefutably positive and harmless. Who could possibly disagree with “rural prosperity?”

But detailed language found inside the EO appear to mirror the science quackery of the Monsanto Mafia, a cabal of twisted science propagandists who have long used flowery phrases to hide the fact that they are ensnaring farmers in a cycle of seed dependence and poison chemical agriculture. Specifically, the EO says that a special “Task Force” shall find opportunities to:

…advance the adoption of innovations and technology for agricultural production and long-term, sustainable rural development.

What’s fishy about all this? The term “technology” is usually a code word for biotechnology, a euphemism for genetic engineering (GMOs). The simple truth is that Mother Nature has already developed all the technology we need in a seed, and it can be most efficiently and sustainably leveraged through permaculture or other non-chemical agricultural methods. But when the Monsanto Mafia starts talking about “science” and “technology,” what they really mean is toxic poison and patented seeds.

“Crop protection tools” the new Doublespeak word for pesticides?

Sections of the Executive Order appear to have been written by the Monsanto public relations team. In one notable section, the word “pesticides” has been replaced with the phrase “crop protection tools.” Here’s how it reads:

(vi)    require executive departments and agencies to rely upon the best available science when reviewing or approving crop protection tools;

Even the phrase “best available science” is highly suspect when Monsanto, DuPont, Dow or Syngenta are involved, as all these companies follow in the footsteps of Big Tobacco in denying real science and twisting their “corporate science” to protect profits while poisoning the world. Remember, RJ Reynolds claims the world’s best science proved that “nicotine is not addictive,” in precisely the same way Monsanto claims “glyphosate doesn’t cause cancer.” It’s all junk science nonsense, but it’s forever shrouded in the garb of legitimate science, much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

When we start seeing Executive Orders coming out of the White House that are filled with Monsanto-style doublespeak, alarm bells start going off. Has the Monsanto swamp already taken hold of key officials in the Trump administration?

EPA head Scott Pruitt removes barriers to brain-damaging pesticide from Dow

The answer to that question appears to be a resounding, “YES!” According to this Associated Press story — and yes, I realize you have to take anything from the AP with a dose of doubt, given all the fake news they’ve fabricated on the Trump administration — EPA Administration Scott Pruitt just lifted the ban on a Dow pesticide that causes brain damage in children:

Lawyers representing Dow, whose CEO is a close adviser to Trump, and two other manufacturers of organophosphates sent letters last week to the heads of three of Trump’s Cabinet agencies. The companies asked them “to set aside” the results of government studies the companies contend are fundamentally flawed.

Dow Chemical wrote a $1 million check to help underwrite Trump’s inaugural festivities, and its chairman and CEO, Andrew Liveris, heads a White House manufacturing working group.

The industry’s request comes after EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced last month he was reversing an Obama-era effort to bar the use of Dow’s chlorpyrifos pesticide on food after recent peer-reviewed studies found that even tiny levels of exposure could hinder the development of children’s brains. In his prior job as Oklahoma’s attorney general, Pruitt often aligned himself in legal disputes with the interests of executives and corporations who supported his state campaigns. He filed more than a dozen lawsuits seeking to overturn some of the same regulations he is now charged with enforcing.

The letters from Dow AgroSciences were obtained by the AP and posted at this link. The very first letter requests that the EPA “set aside” so-called “biological opinions” in order to allow Dow more time to gather yet more “biological opinions” that would no doubt favor lifting any restrictions on its chemical insecticides.

The EPA is steeped in fake science, but agricultural chemicals really are extremely dangerous to human health and environmental sustainability

During his campaign, part of President Trump’s message to America promised to eliminate unnecessary regulations and help “Make America Great Again” through economic revival. Yet toxic pesticides and herbicides are, by definition, deadly substances that pose extreme risks to human health as well as the environment. After all, if these chemicals didn’t kill things, they wouldn’t be effective as pesticides and herbicides, would they? Every “effective” pesticide chemical must, by definition, interfere with normal insect or plant biochemistry to the point of causing fatalities. That’s how they work, obviously. If they were harmless to life, they wouldn’t work at all.

Yet these chemicals don’t stop at killing insects or weeds. Their chemical effects are not selective, in other words, and they go on to harm the biology of amphibians, mammals, humans and entire marine ecosystems. Many of these chemical compounds persist in the environment and continue to cause harm for years after their original application. Furthermore, you can’t simply wash off the pesticides from crops sprayed with them. These chemicals penetrate the crops and are often absorbed through leaves and roots to become part of the edible crop components. Non-organic vegetables, for example, are frequently found to contain pesticide residues throughout the entire vegetable, not simply on the surface.

There’s little question that the EPA was wildly out of control (and rooted in deplorable quack science) when it categorized CO2 as a “pollutant.” Even worse, the EPA’s regulatory claim over every small stream, pond or wetland in America transformed the agency into a totalitarian, anti-science “green army” brigade, complete with small teams of assault weapons and tactical gear that terrorized American farmers under the Obama administration.

Yet the EPA’s original mission, detailed at its founding under a Republican president, is still very much needed today: It must halt the release of toxic chemicals and heavy metals that threaten health and the environment. Poison-pushing corporations like Monsanto, Dow and DuPont must never be allowed to infiltrate the halls of power in Washington D.C. to the point where they are essentially writing the regulations. Yet the warning signs we’re now seeing from Pruitt and Trump are increasingly alarming: Will the Trump administration become another Bush-era sellout that promotes the financial interests of the poison-pushing corporate giants?

At the moment, it looks increasingly likely that Scott Pruitt is poised to betray America and function as a puppet of the pesticide and GMO corporations. In an era where the honeybee pollinators are being decimated by pesticides; where glyphosate weed killer is now being found across even non-GMO crops; and where hormone disruptors like atrazine are chemically altering the sex expression of amphibian species; it seems beyond insane to insist that lifting restrictions on the widespread use of such chemicals is somehow going to “Make America Great Again.”

Associated Press echoes Natural News: Admits these chemicals were developed by Nazi scientists to kill people

Here’s the astonishing conclusion to this post: In yet another example of the mainstream media parroting my own investigations on Natural News, the Associated Press is now openly admitting that these pesticides are based on chemicals developed by Nazi scientists to murder human beings.

From the AP Big Story:

Organophosphorus gas was originally developed as a chemical weapon by Nazi Germany. Dow has been selling Chlorpyrifos for spraying on citrus fruits, apples, cherries and other crops since the 1960s. It is among the most widely used agricultural pesticides in the United States, with Dow selling about 5 million pounds domestically each year.

I don’t recall the AP ever mentioning the Nazi connection when Obama was President, of course, but they’re willing to admit it now. (When Natural News writes the same thing, we are accused of fabricating “fake news” even when it’s historical fact.)

It’s all true: Many of today’s most ubiquitous pesticide chemicals were, indeed, developed by Nazi scientists to find more efficient ways to commit mass genocide. The only real difference now is that these deadly chemicals are no longer applied directly to prisoners to kill them instantly. Instead, they are applied to the national food supply, killing people more slowly so that agricultural and medical profits can be extracted from them year after year. Yet the chemicals are just as deadly and just as toxic as the ones used to murder millions of innocents under the chemical tyranny of the Third Reich.

You don’t Make America Great Again by poisoning America’s food and land with toxic chemical pesticides

My final message to President Trump and the EPA’s Scott Pruitt is that you can’t make America great again if you’re poisoning the American food supply with toxic chemicals. If you really want to make America great again, promote organic agriculture.

The entire White House Executive Order, in my view, needs to be rewritten to add the word “organic” throughout. After all, chemical agriculture is not, by definition, “sustainable” agriculture. When you kill the soil microbes and harm the ecosystem, you eventually end up with a collapse in crop yields… and that’s exactly what we see happening with GMO crops that suffer catastrophic drops in crop yields after the first few years.

Poisoned fields and “dead soils” simply can’t be restored to their pre-pesticide production levels, meaning that the poisoning of America’s crop lands is almost a form of long-term agricultural chemical assault. After all, “chemical weapons” are, scientifically and factually speaking, almost the identical compounds used as insecticides and herbicides on many crops.

Consider signing this Center for Food Safety petition to send a message to President Trump that we do not want the EPA betraying America by cozying up to the pesticide corporations.

To stay informed on all this, follow more news on pesticides at

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